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Will graduates remain in demand?


Interesting briefing from Universities UK on Graduates, Skills and Jobs.

The UUK summary states that:

  • A requirement for graduates in the UK job market is projected to remain high, with graduate attributes continuing to be desirable amongst employers. This must be provided for.
  • Policy makers and universities should be considering the following:
    • how effective universities are at describing the skills of their graduates, how effective employers are at identifying their skills needs, and the role of improved university business dialogue to continually improve this skills matching
    • challenges for key sectors such as STEM; policy makers and stakeholders should seriously consider and implement the recommendations of both the Wakeham review and the Shadbolt review of computer science, and seek to learn wider lessons from these
  • Although not as severe as some perceive, tackling the trend of graduates being employed in non-graduate jobs must be a priority area with the reasons for graduates working in non-graduate jobs and the impact of skills mismatches needing to be understood and effective policy interventions identified and adopted. Stronger links between business and universities are a key foundation for addressing skills mismatches.
  • There is a broad area of crossover and collaboration between academic and vocational education, with universities delivering vocational qualifications and education and further education colleges delivering degrees, and often working in partnership. Pre-degree qualifications at Level 4&5 are also desirable for employers.
  • There needs to be a better understanding of this broad area of crossover so that both higher and further education can help address employers’ skills needs, especially in relation to apprenticeships. Different and flexible models of partnership between higher education, further education and business need

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