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What do graduates do 2015?


The 2015 edition of What Do Graduates Do? is published today. The research reveals the destinations of 267,735 full- and part-time first degree graduates in January 2015, six months after they had left university.

 Findings from the 2015 edition show that a total of 199,810 graduates were known to be working in the UK six months after graduation, up 6% from last year and marking the largest number of new graduate entrants to the UK labour market on record.

 Key findings

 The new figures show that the graduate jobs market has recovered from the recession.

 • The employment rate for new graduates had increased from 75.6% in January 2014 to 76.6% in January 2015.

 • Unemployment rates were down to levels last seen before the recession in 2008, falling a full percentage point to 6.3% (7.3%, 2014).

 • The number of graduates entering professional level jobs increased in both percentage and absolute terms. At 68.2%, the majority of working graduates were in professional-level employment (135,980).

 • The average graduate salary after six months stood at £20,637, a marginal rise on previous years.


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