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New report on university and employer collaboration


Forging Futures: Building higher level skills through university and employer collaboration


This joint publication, created by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) and Universities UK (UUK), looks in detail at the ways in which universities and employers can form collaborative partnerships to develop higher level skills.

The report outlines the reasons why universities and employers should collaborate to develop new ways in which people can develop higher level skills. It also gives practical examples of how collaborations have been created, and promotes the need for more partnerships of this kind to develop a wider range of ways in which both graduates and existing employees can develop such skills.

The report also features 12 case studies from current collaborations across the UK, looking at the ways in which they have been created and the benefits they have brought to those involved. These case studies cover six industrial sectors, advanced manufacturing, construction, creative and digital, energy, IT and life sciences.

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