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Transitions: A New Enhancement Theme


Yesterday, 12th June, saw the 11th annual Enhancement Themes conference take place at Heriot Watt University. It was an opportunity to look back at the last three years to see what had been achieved under the current theme of ‘Developing and Supporting the Curriculum’. Every institution in Scotland was there showcasing the activities undertaken in their institution, with each of them  showing short video clips bringing to life the work that had gone on with staff and students.  All of these, including Stirling’s video, are on the Enhancement Themes website (http://enhancementthemes.ac.uk/resources/videos-multimedia/2014-institutional-overview-videos ). This is a useful website generally to have a look around, and to access some great tools and resources.

The conference also saw the launch of the new enhancement theme for the sector. The focus for the next three years will be on ‘Student Transitions’ into and out of higher education, and it will be led by Prof Roni Bamber of Queen Margaret University. The key note speaker was Prof Liz Thomas who spoke around student transition into higher education and her research, which has led to her ‘What Works?’ student retention and success project that she is working on with a number of universities.

Transitions will, hopefully, be a theme that both staff and students will relate to and engage with. What do you think of this new theme? As ever, we are keen to hear your thoughts and views.

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